Tips for this Winter

thVMJC89SIThe weather this winter can be hard on your home just as it is on your body and skin. With the temperature going up and down, the building and melting of snow and ice, and those horrible windy days that turns a thirty-seven degree feel like it is sixty below zero! Those that live in Michigan know exactly what I am talking about.

All of this wear and tear on your home makes it harder for your heating and cooling system to work efficiently. It turns a regular furnace into a workhorse. This mean for the consumer a higher energy bill. To give your home, furnace, and more importantly your pockets a break there are a few things that you can do to reduce all of these elements. Most of these things can be done by anyone but a few will require the assistance of HVAC technicians at

Insulate those walls

In order to ensure that your home is comfortably and efficient heated it must be insulated. The entire home should not be neglected. However, this can be quiet expensive and time consuming. If you are unable to afford to insulate your entire home a great place to start is the attic. An attic that is not insulated is like having a house without a roof. Just wide, open spaces. Do not allow that dear heat that you are paying so much for escape. When you are insulating or having it insulated it should be sat least twelve inches thick. For those that have their home insulated every year check out your attic insulation. You may have a family of squirrels ripping the insulation and creating nests in your attic.

Buy an energy efficient furnace

It is ideal to have Lansing HVAC replace your old clunky furnace with a brand new energy efficient one. Try buying and installing one that has an annual fuel utilization efficiency value of at least ninety five percent. This is usually market by that lovely energy star label that we all know and love. It is well known that homeowners spend more than fifty percent of the budget towards heating cost. Investing in an energy star furnace is smart for both your home and your wallet.


This is the first defense between your home and the outside elements. If your life in home without siding consider having some install on your home. If you are living in a brick home, you are sitting pretty. It is naturally efficient, fireproof, you do not have to worry about rot or mold, and it is easy to maintain. A few other materials that your home can be made of that makes it wonderfully efficient and law maintenance. Other than siding and bricks are metal, engineered wood, and fiber cement.

Keep those gutters clean

Maintaining your gutter greatly affect your omen efficiency. In order to keep those ice buildups and cooling your home down by keeping them clear. By cleaning, those out you do not have to worry about it becoming clog repeatedly by the refreezing of melting snow and ice.

I hope these tip help keep your house warm and your money in the bank.

Sports gave me the greatest lessons in my life

th7UGBY64EI have always been very active. As a kid, I have been in football, soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, and a summer of skateboarding. I really love sports. I think they provide a great learning platform for people especially young people.

Many lessons that I benefit to this day I have learned on a field or court. How to lose with grace and how great it feels to win. The benefit of working hard and giving a hundred percent. How to operate in as a team. It develop a completive edge in my life but it also taught me how to take pleasure in others triumphs. Sports have been a great learning tool for me in my life. More so than any other endeavors that I have been a part of, it is really is amazing.

It still surprise that on all the teams that I have been on and all the athletics that I have participated in my favorite team sport is not a team sport. Yes, you are part of a team and you compete as a team but it is not like some sports that require you to work with others in order to play. I mean it is not like football or soccer. My favorite team ever is my old cross-country team.

Yes a cross-country team. I realize that many people do not consider it to be really sporty. Due to the lack of physical contact and all. With that being said, it was some of the hardest and grueling workouts. I was able to be competitive with the opposing team, my fellow teammates and more importantly myself. Running cross-country prove to myself that I can overcome any obstacle. That I can be determine and enduring when times are good and when they are bad. It taught me to dig deep and always give that extra oomph.

What is crazy that I have never felt or learn such great things as I did running the miles, which at the time seem to last forever? Those that run understand that, this was especially so when first started running for sport and not just for fun. Let me tell you, those days, those first days, were horrible. It was backbreaking and extremely hard.   There was many times where I felt like quitting, just giving up. It is a wonder why I did not. I really do not know why I continued for so long, I never was a runner. Not really anyway.

I had so much fun on that team. We did have some much on and off the course.   When I look back some of my favorite high school moments involved those teammates of mine. The time we ran to our coach’s house to look at his wedding photos. On the other hand, when we teepee one of our school rival’s school. Another great memory when we all had Mary-Kay makeovers. Yes, it was such a fun time in my life.

The bonds that I made and life lessons that I learned will last me a lifetime. Whenever I feel as though I cannot get through something or that it is too hard to finish I reflect on those moments. It inspires me to keep going. That in no time I will be improving and winning. My determine spirit is directly related to those moments on my high school cross-country team.