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high specific gravity (1-030 to 1-040 and higher). Its quantity is

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wenn schwach vergrofiert, deutlich zu sehen. Starkere Vergrofierung

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Linimentum Saponato-Camphoratum, X T . F. Solid opo-

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CAUTION. In handling, to avoid caustic effect, lubri-

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soda is allowed to stand in the thermostat for twenty-four hours

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salts of quinin, 130 ; strychnine. 145 : pil. antineuralg., 116.

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lead plaster: representing about 10 per cent, opium.

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pathological experience exactly corresponds with experiment It

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unterhalb des Siedepunktes oder auf jeden Fall beim Kochen

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vom Traubenzucker nur durch den Umstand unterscheidet, dafi

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die tibriggebliebenen Fleischsttickchen werden auf das Vorhanden-

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Dose: 8 Cc., or 2 fluidrams, containing 0.4 Gm., or

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Sooetimes, though not often, the improvement is incomplete j the pain

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use than the semi-solid Boroglyceride. In washes, in-

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Oder rotliche Farbung erhalt, findet sich bei Pneumonia (rubiginoses

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catarrh of the uterus ; we have before said, that some patients suffer-

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Frische Handschuhe! — Skalpell und Pinzette! — Tupfer! — Noch

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time of its occurrence, the secretion of urine is normal or increased.

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amyloid degeneration of the walls of the renal vessels. If the patiem

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Fluidextrnctum Stramonii, U. S. Dose: 0.05 Cc., or 1

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does not disappear when the bladder is emptied ; or else when we can

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during life. We have said that the degeneration and ntropby

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eni, the dilatation of the renal pelvis can never l>econio so |^at

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organs being richly endowed with nerves, and standing in intimate re-

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Grad von Opaleszenz auf und bei der Essigsaureterrozyankaliprobe

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Lahore coarse are rare, and are almost always of traumatic origin,

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is never to be applied without the utmost caution, and in

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unteren Kelchen entferne ich mit dem Loffel zahlreiche Steine,

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pass from the brain to its membranes. Gbomata may attain the

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Blut entleert werden, werden als kleine Blutungen bezeichnet.

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bellum. I consider it a mistake to suppose that, in such cases, the

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containing carbonic acid, should be prescribed, in order, if possible, ™

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half to one teaspoonful of this mixture may be given

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*lBBon there is atrophy of the brain-substance, and its shrinkage sup-

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the Nylander modification, by adding to the urine about ^/,o

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schiedenen nervosen ZustSnden (Urina spastica der Hysterischen)

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■were extinguished, continued to scream for a time, after which

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PAINTING: Ammonii carbonas, 11; alcohl, 10; spts. am-

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finden wir sie auch bei anderen Erkrankungen (wie bei Heufieber^

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alcohol, 5*0 glacial acetic acid, aqua dest. ad 100; rinse

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QiODplioDa to this, which contrast very remarkably with most epidemic

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Under pathological conditions the liquor cerebrospinalis is

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These are demonstrated by the Pettenkofer test after iso-

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of the detrusor. Mf>st paraplegic patients have to wear a urinal,

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4lM)tw«:2MkTe given of the apoplectic tit, it is evidpnt that^ under some

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In conclusion I should like to add some brief remarks about

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the cystitis which accompanies inflammation of the prostate, and in

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more readily in hot or boiling water, readily soluble in

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Spiritus Camphorae. U. S. Dose: 1 Cc., or 16 minims.

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zerrissen, und das Untersuchungsmaterial wird aus ihrem Innern

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albumen. In normal stools dissolved albumen is always missing.

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The solution, separated from lead sulphate, contains

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it advisable to resort to local depletion over the region of the kidneys,

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tumors, depend on venous congestions in the eye, and the coasoqueiit

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Treatment. — For the treatment of acute catarrhal pyelitis we may

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123. To remove dirt, pour oil into wound and wash out,