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phates of iron and ammonium, and smaller quantities
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tioi&muoh oflener, if it were not so difficidt to protect the fingers and
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grounds for distinguishing a hoemorrhage from an embolism. H*enK)^l
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OBt Bobscquently increased ; in the first stages this nmcus is dear and
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able to detenniiie whether local treatment is advisable or not, Tlie
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very often find a h^-pertrophy of tbe heart, and more es|ieciaUy s
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CARBUNCLE: To abort, phenol (8 parts in 500), hypoder-
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man was divorced, the im|X)tence having continued all this time.
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transferred to other parts, causing neuralgia in remote organs, cram^is,
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Elixir Cinchonse, Ferri et Calcii Lactophosphatis, X. F.
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and, without removing it altogether, withdrawing it a little. If this
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plete retention of urine {ischuria spastica). Finally, the antagonistic
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at 85 yet produced dK>psy, was bo much aggravated by the blood-
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and wide-spread cedema in the vicinity of the obstructed \ '
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tation), and the former is, therefore, designated as "retarded
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Blutfarbung). Wenn die zytologische Untersuchung durch Gerinnung:
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Should contain not less than 0.9 per cent, nor more
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national Conference for the Unification of Potent Remedies.
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appears around it, which is then examined. In some cases, when
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gj'necologists, it cannot be denie<l that many cases are cured wliicli
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Krystallen von phosphorsaurer Ammoniak-Magnesia werden im
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arter)', instantly arrests its functional power. Experience
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and depression as those of incomplete and gradually-devoloping an
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the flame until it steams ; rapid heating is to be avoided). De-
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digestion, and is only then a proof of such disturbance when a
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modifying as much as possible the exchange of tissue by baths and
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bad ones,, the work was nevertheless made extremely difficult on
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tvtUKes of circulation in the ncinity of the different diseases did not
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benefit from the emplojTnent of the remedy in tabes dorsualia, that
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As symptoms of hj-penemia of the spinal medulla and its mem-
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the uterus in various directions, aca)rJiiig to its positioru
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we iSioted with them when attacked by severe disease or during oon-
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an effusion of blood. Hnematuria from tUis cause, however, is very
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sexual organs during the age of manhood- They tire dis
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of picric acid, plus 50 ccm. of absolute alcohol) is poured on
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In many cases we may make the bacteriological diagnosis
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sometimes effected, is a procedure which often foils, and which, aooord>
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A rather frequent appearance of the disease, which corresponds to
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explaining the symptoms, the number of such cases published
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Treatment. — Untd within a short time, the treatment of tuber-
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similar to that of the opium, and is the next best remedy. In like
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For the practicing physician it is most advisable to determine
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spateren Stadien, namentlich bei fiebernden Patienten, gefunden.
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the bronchi and intestine. There is nothing peculiar about the for-
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taking coitus with perfect confidence, fail in the act from being intox-
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lilanionts, the treatment of spiuiil apoplexy can only be symptomatic™
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The first stage is oft-en short and indistinct, and, on the
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ercise, and copious supply of salty liquirls, of the baths and douches, by
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siirface of the cerebnim and cerebellum. If the arachnoid
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more appropriate for this form of disease tlian the term " amyloid
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usually is dilated, and its walls are thickened. Not unfrequently, the
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closure of the foramen magendie). When the patient sits up the
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an melanotischen Tumoren leiden, wird manchmal tiefschwarz.
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so mu6 der Einstich an einer anderen Stelle wiederholt werden. In
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and haematoidin. The presence of biliary acid salts causes the
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disthigiiish it from true perceptions. This is the origin of halluciwi'
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Buches stellt der Autor eine Reihe von Anamnesen verschiedener Krankheiten dar,
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brain, general and local blood- letting, cold to the head, and derivatiosl
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of cnnoer of the uterus arcr {mins in the small of the back, womb, and
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gonorrhcea, is the formation of small abscesses about the
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the pia mater docs not contain this puro-serous infiltration, its tissusj
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having resulted from increased flow of blood to the head, or from H*
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desire be motlerately gratified, but not artificially excited-
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substance of the brain, that has existed during life, defiends chiefly on
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Imttle can be expected from this treatment. Moxae and setons, which
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meters ist dann folgendermafien zu korrigieren : Fiir je 3* Celsius