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ergota, 52; potassii bromidum, 120: spts. glycerylis ni-
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SO'/oiger Essigsaure verrieben und erhitzt, bis es zu kochen be-
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discharge characteristic of uterine catarrh (the constant companion {
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instrument that we can attain any certainty as to the source of
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during pregnancy or during grave disease, the renal epithelium will
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preceding example, except that only one-half as much
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pctnaoe of which has been compared with that of the right %^entrirle
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sary, but more than two doses are rarely required in
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rhoids, also cedema, pain, and formication, or numbness in the lower
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of the cerebmm ; pain in the back of tbe head shows that it i» ai
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well received on many sides, but also caused some opposition, because,
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solution. Similar in composition to various antiseptic
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form immense tumors. This neoplasm almost alwaj's extends over
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repeatedly mentioned They may be dispensed with in the treatment
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••tion of formication, or of undefined pain, which ore not in<luecd by
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to tie point of inflnmmation, Tvhich is increased by pressure on tl
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Are your stools regular I have had diarrhoea for three
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gangrene and putrid bronchitis. The leucin forms dimly shining
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and quantities. In the expectoration of pure blood, the so-called
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of the affection and its subsequent extension may be dctertnioed, «;
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fine detntUB^ are sometimes reabsorbed, and fluid exuded iu their place,
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Liquor Sodii Hydroxidi, (Sodae, U. S. '90). 5 per cent.
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through the emissaria santorini which pass out in the sigmoid foasL
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be applied night and day to the scrotum, and, should there be any
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Partial anapmia of the brain caused by collateral oadcma, occurring
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give a good description.) I merely desire to make a few remarks
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tions with Menthol. Thymol, Phenol or Ilydrated Chloral,
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the brain, if it should liare lieea doubtful, in spite of the
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tbc other band, the s^-mptoms of irritation caused by fluxionary hyper-
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of either chloroform or compound solution of cresol to
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Bright-yellow powder, insoluble in neutral solvents.
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many instances, in spite of this hinderance to the discharge, and in spite
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C. Spengler has described two other staining methods. He
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andererseits konnen die Bazillen, trotz sicherer Tuberkulose,
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Gmelin biliary pigment reaction with fuming nitric acid shows
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^m CnoLOGT. — It is mo«t probable that oongonital dropsy of the brain
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is the defective flow of bile into the duodenum, or total exclusion
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Fltissigkeit wird mit Wasser verdtinnt und auf den Siedepunkt
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tiou of the dura-mater, and later diffuse inflammation of the
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purgatives). Where there is increased peristalsis present the contents
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Rande des Dornfortsatzes ; dann richten wir die Nadel schrage,
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normalerweise nur im Knochenmark gefunden und gehen bei
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Fluidextractum Pruni Virginians, U. S. Dose: 2 Cc.,
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naming a chronic course, cold plunge-baths and douches, and particu-
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dose, this dose is regarded as above the average and
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2. Triibung der Zerebrospinalfliissigkeit deutet stets auf ent-
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merely forma, as it were, a short episode in the disease. Iliis peculiar
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pharj'ngeal nerves at their origin, or in the nerves themselves, by dis-
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alkaloid chemically identical with seopolamine, ob-
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als Indol bedingt. Unter gewissen Umstanden, bei gesteigerter
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njond wofTD, is firom six inches to three feet long, and some lines
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alter werden, so wird dementsprechend die Ahnlichkeit mit dem
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Wollen Sie jetzt bitte die Harnleiter katheterisieren! — Fangen Sie
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wahrscheinlich diesen Vorgang bedingt, weit vorgeschritten ist,
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plasma ist mit zahlreichen kleinen KOrnchen gefiillt, die sich mit
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4. Lung concretions (lung stones), are sometimes coughed
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