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ersteren die Verbrennungen von verhaltnismafiig kleiner Flache

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be mistaken for a gonorrhcea. We shall have more to say as to the

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rected some of our former ideas upon this subject, and of having ren-

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wriace of the dura mater and firmly adherent to its surface.

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ganz lose hangen, spannen Sie es nicht; lassen Sie es ganz

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ring in badly-uoui'ished cachetrtic and chlorotic persons, also iaduoes

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mater that covers the convexity. (Just as often sarcomata are em-

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Perimetritis leads to more or less copious exudation on the frte

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sometimes more gelatinous. Tliey often contain numerous cholester

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Dose: 4 Cc., or 1 fluidram, representing 0.0 Cm. (0

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menge im Urin mittelst eines Garungssaccharometers zu be-

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One of these pills every three hours will be found effect-

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Tuberkelbazillen enthaltend. Ohne diesen Kunstgriff ist der Tier-

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Struktur, so dafi sie zusammenhangende AbgQsse von den Bron-

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TINNITIS AURIUM : Acid, hydrobromicum. 4 : cimicifuga. 31 :

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of doubtful therapeutic value. See Pancreatinum and

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the cerebral nerves, again of the cerebro-spiual^ at otliers of both. Tli<>-

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wonderful firmness at the approach of death in tedious diseases, tbe

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which dissolve with etfervesoence upon the addition of add. The

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Isntiocis most frequently occur into the rectum, and atrophy of tlie

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with Ut*!nt course can only be located at parts of the brain where they

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hut has also led to thrombosis in the cerebral sinuses.

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Uses: Antiseptic, anti-tubercular, antipyretic; for

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the patient wakes up with a full bladder. Occasionally examinati<

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^r vHHWer the perinieum from the anus to the vagina, and have there

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which arise after haemoptysis in consequence of coagulation of

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tml muscular sensibility. Nevertheless, Leyden^a theory is false. Its

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I distinctness. If the abscess break into the canity of the abdomen, it

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additional materials through Google Book Search. Please do not remove it.

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haemorrhages, necrotic intestinal processes, and dysentery. Stools

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sumption is in favor of embolism. However, the oidy way of a

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Md oOQoentric vesical hyjiertrophy, also attend vesical tuberculosis.

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mit Sputum vermischt ist. Bei der Expektoration reinen Blutes,

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DO reaction to slight irritation. On an increase of this in complete anffis-

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rubin wird in Urobilin umgesetzt) ist der normale Stuhl mehr

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scribed. At first the iuilamed spot appears injected, infiltrated, •rfl

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hemorrhage*. I» some cases, it is true, the age of the patient

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the arachnoid is also almt>st solely observed as an aocompanimcnl of

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urine. Treatment is in vain, and should be limited to a repressioa of

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tbe emm in these conclusions, and shall only mention here that, inde-

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Diese werden nach Isolierung mittelst der Methode von

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b) Reste von Muskelgewebe werden als kleine, braune, Holz-

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gestive form of dysmenorrluca, the haemorrhage is preceded by uuusuifl

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Petri dish with sterile water and again washed ; this procedure is

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or portio vaginalis, is advisable. If the apparent cause be cold, wefl|

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Pencils for the direct application of medicinal agents

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each menstrual period in bed. lu other cases tlie annoyances last

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i^giof formication and numbness in certjiin Umbs, momentary loss of

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zentimeter, dann allmaiilich mehr) mit einem Pistill verrtihrt, bis

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borculosb of the Pia Mater— Acute Hydrocephalus, . . . .211

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wiegende Fleischkost erzeugt einen braunschwarzen Stuhl, eine

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cose sacculation of the tubules. Within them, in some places we still

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with the epithelial lining of the uriniferous tubules, the transuded

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tlA, 80 that in a few days the testis may become as large as a goose-

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themselves with their nails; for instance, in children with lice

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der friiher genommenen Nahrung unterschieden. Zur grofieren

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walking becomes impossible, even with the aid of a stick or crutches,

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^gfhihmata only rarely occur in the brain in the form of nodules

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Syrupus Calcii Chlorhydrophosphatis, N. F. Chlorhy-

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creased still fuf-ther. Its surface is still smooth, excepting where a

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lysis of aU the functions of the brain, occurring either suddenly

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Schmidt hat nachgewiesen, dafi diese Gebilde nicht aus Schleim

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