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\ doe to the same causes. We must strive with all our skill, by the use

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water (2,333 parts), soluble in 5 parts alcohol, very


haemorrhage may be made by letting the liquid stand. The blodd

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are often observed, and in most cases there is severe disturbance of tbe

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affected by albuminuria, dropsy, and deterioration of the blood, it is

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(% gr.) ferric chloride and 0.12 Gm. (2 grs.) gentian.

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phate, 141; atropina, 18; strychnina, 145: digitalis. 3s.

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tionen, Vergiftungen mit Kohlenoxyd, Amylnitrit, Curare, Phlo-

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iWere considered by the attending surgeon as traumatic fever, be-

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EXPECTORANTS : Sedatire. antimon. et potas. tart., 13 ; apo-

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relation to the weight of the body, i. e., a certain amount of poison

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/ itcoHi/xitihlc: With Silver nitrate, mercurials and alka-

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any other cause of disease ; that it attacks patients who have never

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little food toward evening, and, above all, should avoid drinking.

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Methode nur einen negativen Wert hat, insoferne das prompte

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known these microorganisms are, we may say, present every-

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qMDtlj recur periotUcally for a long time, particularly at the meu-

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"Antiseptic Clay Paste.'' Similar in composition to

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utcd val\'ular disease of the heart; 2. In structural disease of the

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stomachic tonics. Of these (except Spiritus Amygdalae

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ihahtis never affects the entire brain, but is always hmited

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(eventuell krampfhaft kontrahierten) Bronchien die Spiralenform

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the official 10 per cent, tincture ; there is no need of this

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correspond to one ninth or one tenth of burns of the third degree.

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Pulvis Catechu Compositus, N. F. (B. P.). Mixture of

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sometimes the gelatine has been so greatly hardened by the

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themselves with their nails; for instance, in children with lice

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spiflMted contents, the ureter becoming obliterated and converted into

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hody more deeply seated. If, \dth the anterior wall of the vagiD»»

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faeces with the cover-glass; the second is rubbed up with a

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und nach Darmblutungen, die sich einige Zeit vorher ereigneten,

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Tlie pathogeny of the dropsy of parenchymatous nephritis is ex-

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fipequently it advances to a certain point, and remains stationary. If

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tumor (particularly one in the posterior cranial fossa) one

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or iron and bismuth preparations, produce a black color, santonine,

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allow the mixture to stand for twenty-four hours, at 38" to 40° in

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^" apiual medulla, myelomalacia, and myelosclerosis, since we shall

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Praparate intra- oder extracellular vorherrschen, aus dem Grunde,

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flUnoes, it is possible to make a diagnosis of cysticerci in the brain,

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To 1'roriote Healing, emplast. plumbi, 49 ; emplast saponis,

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VeMels are paralyzed by the above influences, their calibre dilated, and

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rancid and also are affected by chemical agents, such as the

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condensed cellular tissue. In other cases, the deposits discharge in

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1 at intervals of a few hours, to secure a permanent result j with

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ranplication, I think it is well to keep in view its possibility and even

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Pilula Glonoini (Nitroglycerin) , N. F. Each pill con-

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