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Colorless needles, soluble in 77 parts water. 11 parts

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laHy a dironic otorrhoea, and can discover no other causes for the brain-

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plasma from the capillaries of the kidneys, in obstructive congestion,

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fl» vkitaty of the corpus striatum and thalamus. On the other hand,

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letztere nicht als homogene Stabchen auftreten, sondern, wenn

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mistura camphors aromatica, 94 : mlstura sassafras et

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hitemipted by a rapid breaking dovm of the spinal medulla from

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the Flexner or Kruse- Shiga type), is particularly necessary for

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nicht kommunizieren (geschlossene Tuberkulose). Die Zahl der

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very little discoloration or none at all. If sugar ' is present then

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ODeef initation, one of torpor. In the first stage the children are very

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water. So, too, in inflammation of the spinal marrow and in struc-

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provement progresses, all symptoms of the disease may disappe&r in

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tures containing Nitrous Ether, a poisonous compound.

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at the onset of the disease, t!ie pain in the extremities is of^en socb a

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Subsequently there is usually little to do but to guard the patient

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tbs is enabled to act directly upon the bleeding point, deserve the

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Bitte, Herr Doktor, binden Sie sich den Reflektor urn

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nri^ inoreases rapidly in size and tension soon after birth. If the skin

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Es ist sehr leicht, die Diagnose dieser Krankheit aus dern gefarbten

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lution. Agreeably flavored, non-styptic solution, rep-

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hot poultices to the lumlxir region. Tiie acratothermte are coniing^

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rA TKBT frequent form of tumor of the uterus is the fibroid or

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by firm enveloix's, that any considerable cedema can coexist wiU» *

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fore them ; they become insensible to impressions and incapable of

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The causes which induce fluxion to the Iddney are :

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capillaries. I shall not attempt to dechle whether or not the sli

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Tubercles of the brain are the most frequent form of cerebral tu-

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For making the specimen the sputum is spread on a black

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Crystals or white powder, very soluble in water and

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&ct ifl in aooordance with the results of physiolog-ical ex[ieriuieiita-

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Praparat vorsichtig in der Flamme erwarmt, bis es dampft. Dann

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1. Simple swelling of tbe optic papilla, with great tortuositj' of the

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1. Stones consisting chiefly of uric acid and its salts. They are

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no one classes among the infectious diseases, certain sj^mptoms, such

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ancc, of the character that we have frequently mentioned as

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Form eines den ganzen Stuhl durchsetzenden, verfilzten Fasern-

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Yellowish-brown, plastic mass, readily soluble in alcohol,

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is to be avoided. This test should be repeated with various

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tied tirmly aroimd the waist. lo otiier cases there is no spontaneous

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and subsequently to the upper extremities. The paralysis is usuaflr

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blood, while the innominate forms a considerable angle with it {Eflf*H

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The partial disturbances of sensibility and motUity in the parts

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stoffes im Harn. Wenn die alkalische Reaktion von fixen Alkalien

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vesicles, not only in its anatomical lesions — consisting of a coagulating

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6. Aside from the colors which the sputum receives from

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an irritation of the mucous membrane, induced by the presence of

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cxRnmitted sexual excesses. In some persons, it is true, the same

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over, when not successful, the operation is very painful, not for the

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of sputum on cover-glasses or slides. If possible, the so-called

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. tiie paralysis continued to advance, an infusion of arnica and camphor

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CAPTION. This is the most potent official article and

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