Protect City’s Trees

thBY1L06LDI live on Elm Street, its name after the abundancies of elm trees you can find on my street. It used to be elm trees as far as the eye can see. I have seen pictures of my street before they started building on it, it is beautiful. The forestry was amazing. Even now along the street are line with elm trees. My street look like those streets you see in the movies, tree lined streets with gorgeous Tudor style houses. Luscious green grass that looks like a thick, plush rugs. It is nice.

What I love most about our street and the trees that aligned is watching their leaves change colors when the season changes. Their brilliant colors is enough to take your breath away. Listening to the rustling of the leaves during a warm summer breeze, when I am relaxing underneath their shade. On the other hand, the taking shelter during a warm summer rain. It is magical.

A few months ago there was a tree cutting accident. Someone was pruning the trees, on Oak Boulevard, closest to the street and miscalculated its fall direction. The tree Oak tree fell into the street unto a fire hydrant. This closed the street down for a few days. Until a tree, Service Company came out and took care of the tree that laid across the street. They residents were lucky that no one was hurt and there were really only minor damages done.

Last month in our city council decided to address every street that are lined with trees.   That means that Oak Boulevard, Maple Drive, Birch Street, and my beloved Elm Street will be trimmed, prune, and in some cases cut down. When those that live in the city found out that, the city council has plans on felling fifteen hundred trees throughout the entire city, the people living in my city, including myself, started to organize. Requesting that the city try to reduce the number of tree that are to be cut down. Understanding that yes, some trees need to be taken care of, I mean tree care is important, but is felling necessary in every instance.

This little conflict between the council and the ones that elected them brought it into reality how our trees are in peril. With the many different disease and insurance claims, many sites are opting to remove the problem by removing the trees. This is a cheaper and quicker resolution than taken care of the trees and maintaining routine tree trimming and pruning. Especially considering the economy, we are currently living in. It has really affected the finances of most cities across the country and they are trying every way known to man to reduce cost and save some cash.

After some campaigning and discussing, everyone was able to come to an agreement. Something that will see the cites thousands of dollars and allow our streets to keep their charm and pleasing appearance. I do not think the city council did not realize how much those trees meant to people. That in many cases they were the deciding factor that caused many people to choose to live in our city instead of somewhere else that may have less expensive but less cute.

Always Use the Best

th5ZDC3SAVWhenever I need a tree service, I always choose the best one around, Wichita Falls Tree Service. They are great. They offer great services, their consistent, reasonable, and they well mannered. Enchase time I have done business with them they have left me on great terms. Unlike some other tree services in the area that will go nameless.

Another that I love about Wichita Tree Service is they always have time to answer all and any of my questions. Like when is the best to prune, how do I bring more life into my begonias, which fertilizer is the best that is available on the market? Every time they have given me great and reliable answers, which have always proved to be true.

When I asked them about tree trimming, they gave great answers and taught some things that I did not know. Such as how important the equipment is in doing any job. That each chainsaw and shears have a purpose and best used. That when we do not use them for their intended purposes or we do not take care of them and keep up their maintenance then we run a great risk of causing damage. Whenever a person or business is setting out to do a little tree, trimming equipment is super important.

They also stress to me how important safety is in their business. That anything could go wrong.   To not wear safety gear and practice upon all safety tips and training is just plain dumb. My words no theirs. One of the people told me about their safety training classes. Informing how intense and hands one they are, and how they have save many of them from great danger and possible death. He told me that they must return for a briefing at least once every, and more than once if you have had an accident on the job.

He ensured me that there has not been an on the job accident in over three and a half years. Which I thought was amazing.

I was also told about how you must trust your crew. Without trust, you have nothing in that line of work. It is so dire. Being around sharp and dangerous equipment such as chainsaws, and having falling trees, branches, and limbs you have to be able to trust your coworker. If you do not believe that the person you are working with will have your back then you begin to over think you, work witch comes with unnecessary hesitation and second-guessing. Those moments are the ones that define a safe workday from an unsafe workday.

Finally yet importantly is communication. Like with any relationship communication is the backbone to a good one. This is no different. You must be able to clearly and effectively communicating. No matter if, you are on the ground or seventy feet above ground in a tree. Be bold and be clear. That is their motto.

As you can see, I have a great relationship with my tree service team. They have been taking care of my yard and many of my friends and family yards and trees for many years. As long as I am living in this area, I will keep using them. What can I say, I only like the best.

Tips for this Winter

thVMJC89SIThe weather this winter can be hard on your home just as it is on your body and skin. With the temperature going up and down, the building and melting of snow and ice, and those horrible windy days that turns a thirty-seven degree feel like it is sixty below zero! Those that live in Michigan know exactly what I am talking about.

All of this wear and tear on your home makes it harder for your heating and cooling system to work efficiently. It turns a regular furnace into a workhorse. This mean for the consumer a higher energy bill. To give your home, furnace, and more importantly your pockets a break there are a few things that you can do to reduce all of these elements. Most of these things can be done by anyone but a few will require the assistance of HVAC technicians at

Insulate those walls

In order to ensure that your home is comfortably and efficient heated it must be insulated. The entire home should not be neglected. However, this can be quiet expensive and time consuming. If you are unable to afford to insulate your entire home a great place to start is the attic. An attic that is not insulated is like having a house without a roof. Just wide, open spaces. Do not allow that dear heat that you are paying so much for escape. When you are insulating or having it insulated it should be sat least twelve inches thick. For those that have their home insulated every year check out your attic insulation. You may have a family of squirrels ripping the insulation and creating nests in your attic.

Buy an energy efficient furnace

It is ideal to have Lansing HVAC replace your old clunky furnace with a brand new energy efficient one. Try buying and installing one that has an annual fuel utilization efficiency value of at least ninety five percent. This is usually market by that lovely energy star label that we all know and love. It is well known that homeowners spend more than fifty percent of the budget towards heating cost. Investing in an energy star furnace is smart for both your home and your wallet.


This is the first defense between your home and the outside elements. If your life in home without siding consider having some install on your home. If you are living in a brick home, you are sitting pretty. It is naturally efficient, fireproof, you do not have to worry about rot or mold, and it is easy to maintain. A few other materials that your home can be made of that makes it wonderfully efficient and law maintenance. Other than siding and bricks are metal, engineered wood, and fiber cement.

Keep those gutters clean

Maintaining your gutter greatly affect your omen efficiency. In order to keep those ice buildups and cooling your home down by keeping them clear. By cleaning, those out you do not have to worry about it becoming clog repeatedly by the refreezing of melting snow and ice.

I hope these tip help keep your house warm and your money in the bank.