Dave Smith

thUD6QD8VYHello there I am Dave Smith.  I enjoy everything to do with games and gaming system.   I love games and I always have since I was a young boy.  I always knew that when I grew up I wanted to create games and test them.  So after four years of college one engineering degree that is exactly why I am doing.  And it is as great as I thought it would be, actually it may be a little better.

When I am not working and playing my videos games I enjoy walking my pet cat and playing with my three dogs.  What can I say I am an animal lover.

I also like to garden and create m own soaps and oils.

I have been married for a few months now and I love it.  Many people told me this is just because we are still newlyweds that it will all eventually wear off.  But I have to say it is great and I am going to enjoy it as long as I can, with hope that it will last until our dying days.

My wife is amazing, she is a gamer as well.  She has a small startup trying to launch this app that is a mash up of Candy Crash, Monopoly, and Subway Surfer.  Its so much fun, I have beta test it and have spent hours playing it without even trying.  You all should look out for it and support her business.  The app will be available on Apple and Android Markets soon.  When she decides on a name I will be sure to let everyone know!

Some day I hope to be a great dad until that day I will spend my time be a wonderful uncle to my many nieces and one nephew.