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■•oaj starting from the ovary, even before feeling the nodular tumor

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quantity in this disease. Neglect of such dire'ctions as the above, i

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vbether nephritis holds a closer relationship to such conditions than

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Now hold your right arm over your head ! — Now your left one !

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pachj-meningitis, as is evident from the etiology. But w*e also know

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Yeast and sarcine occasionally appear in the contents of

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actinomyces and,' finally, mould-fungi, such as aspergillus and

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in early, and before there is any general palsy, and without our being

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described as occurring in hjemorrhagic infarction of the spleen. A dis-

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Atmen Sie tief! — Furchten Sie sich nicht, ich werde Ihnen nicht

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sometimes reduced to 2000 (normally 6 — 8000 per cmm.).

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the power of 0(.>tirdination, is much impaired in patients with tabesi

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the discovery of a somewhat soft and indistinctly-fluctuating tumor in

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the shape of brownish-yellow, rhomboid crystals, either single or

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zwischen I'OIS und 1-020. Von pathologischen Harnbestandteilen

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bladder can be felt through the wall of the vagina or rectum, as a hard

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der Tod eintritt, von der Ausdehnung der verbranten Hautoberflache

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Tinctura Colchici Seininis, U. S. Dose: 2 Cc., or 30

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HEMATEMESIS : Ergot, 52 ; hamamelis, G9 ; liq. ferri sub-

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much more unfavorable for the formation of a collateral circulatioiD.

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iffeetions of the tj'phoid stage of ciiolera, be ascribable to infection

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veiKius hypenemia and inflamniatory participation of the retina,

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vereinzelte Zellen im normalen Stuhl gefunden werden konnen,.

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Suppuration of such a bubo indeed is so rare an occurrence, that it

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Mixtures of lead plaster rendered pliable by rubber

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tfcilly tMefiil, but should n^gulate the diet and bowels, and place the

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blauer Farbung, wahrend normaler Harn nur wenig davon lost

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•of the tryptic digestion. It should be stated here that the ad-

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the bath as f)oeaibk', and causing him to drink as much of the pure

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BROMIDE ERUPTION : Arseni triox. ; liq. potass, arsen., 17.

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we must tiy to facilitate the escape of the venous blood, \>'itbout, how-

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refer to the intensity and extent of the dark discoloration of the skin,

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vom Traubenzucker nur durch den Umstand unterscheidet, dafi

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Seamonif occasionally also gases that have formed from them. The

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tion of an ice-bladder to the part where the hiemon-hage is 8us|)eeied.

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its hilus. Microscopic examination shows an intense engorgement of

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■durch Ammoniakbildung stark alkalisch werden. GroBer Schleim-

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erations, diseases of the anterior lobes, which do not encroach too muck

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charged for therapeutic purposes if we desire to obtain a decrease

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realvsorbed and the follicle atrophies ; in other cases it degeneraU

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suprarenal capsules in nen'ous elements, and the ninnerous communi-

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and leathery. Gradually the papillre disappear in the conca\ity of

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