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a ting^ of yellow in them, in the pyramidal substance ; and, under the

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this region. Much more nirely, catarrh of the urinary passages is

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Chief among these are the myelocytes which are abnormally

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Rhombic crystals, soluble in 1.5 parts water, 16 parts

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Since the substance of the spinal marrow is usually entirrly broken

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yellowish-brown color appears, together with a more or less

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Tlie nutrition, general condition, and the functions of tlie \iody in-

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high fatty contents of the stools, but sometimes also on the con-

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now lobulated and studded with " granulations," and elevations sepa-

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tlie probable dependence of the dropsy upon chronio renal disease. On

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Petri dish with sterile water and again washed ; this procedure is

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becomes enlarged, assumes an irregular, knobby sha{)e, and within it

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direction of the prescriber, in either of the following

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•OBnia through an opening (covered by a glass plate) in the skull of

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sapo mollis, 135 : lin.. 78; tr. co., 163; zinci stearas,

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gatus verursacht wird (Pneumonomycosis aspergillina). Schimmel-

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tinguished from simple erosions, icom which they appear to proceed,

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auch das Herz und die Lunge in Mitleidenschaft gezogen sind.

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cinchonidine sulphate and cinchonine sulphate, with

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Fluidextractum Hydrangeae, X. F. Seven Barks. Dose:

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glance, but with the light falling through even the smallest

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verschorft erscheint, Combustio escharotica. Pathologisch-ana-

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use of iron, quinine, a moderate amount of wine, and nutritious di<!

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lukewann water of the springs as he could take T.vithout inoouvenionce,

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SnoTOMs AJTD CoiTUSE, — In some few cases the symptoms as-

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pmeuiiC) and striped ^vith red, and an opaque and often blootly lif)uid

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nerve, and not unfrequently these ymins continue during the aosstheot

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painless tumor, with a distinct upper border, and there is more or 1

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glycerin, flavored with peppermint, containing about

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the alkaline character of that of catarrh of the bladder, is of such

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ob»crve<l, In the treatment of congenital hydi-ocephalus as in the

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actual copulation has taken place, or even before the erecUon is

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drop by drop while stirring. If bile acids are present a beautiful,

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are often observed, and in most cases there is severe disturbance of tbe

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affected by albuminuria, dropsy, and deterioration of the blood, it is

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(% gr.) ferric chloride and 0.12 Gm. (2 grs.) gentian.

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phate, 141; atropina, 18; strychnina, 145: digitalis. 3s.

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tionen, Vergiftungen mit Kohlenoxyd, Amylnitrit, Curare, Phlo-

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iWere considered by the attending surgeon as traumatic fever, be-

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EXPECTORANTS : Sedatire. antimon. et potas. tart., 13 ; apo-

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relation to the weight of the body, i. e., a certain amount of poison

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/ itcoHi/xitihlc: With Silver nitrate, mercurials and alka-

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any other cause of disease ; that it attacks patients who have never

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little food toward evening, and, above all, should avoid drinking.

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Methode nur einen negativen Wert hat, insoferne das prompte

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known these microorganisms are, we may say, present every-

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qMDtlj recur periotUcally for a long time, particularly at the meu-

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"Antiseptic Clay Paste.'' Similar in composition to

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utcd val\'ular disease of the heart; 2. In structural disease of the

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stomachic tonics. Of these (except Spiritus Amygdalae

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ihahtis never affects the entire brain, but is always hmited

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(eventuell krampfhaft kontrahierten) Bronchien die Spiralenform

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the official 10 per cent, tincture ; there is no need of this

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correspond to one ninth or one tenth of burns of the third degree.