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canty, resulting fram the depression. While the above terminal
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Kapseln schluckt, so wird die Jodreaktion im Speichel erst nach
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pregnant or puerperal women, we arc justified in supposing that g^ve
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"oine is secreted freel}' ; hence we must assume that the epithelium
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perforate externally or into the urethra. A much more diingerous I
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di&ease, but which is never very severe, iinjtresses the patient with the
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nerves of an organ arising as a reflex sympttim, in consequence of
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cut surface contrast strongly with the distention of the lai^
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disease almost always sets in at a more advanced period of renal dis-
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of the heart, we may confidently diagnosticate the existence of an in-
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Pure culture and animal experiment (guinea-pig inoculation) are
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treatment in the Greifswalder clinic, where the arrangements to sonic
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upon an arrest or obstructioo to the flow of blood to the ganglion-cells
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abgespiilt (wenn das Praparat nicht geniigend entfarbt ist, so wird
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die Diagnose der Darmtuberkulose verwertet werden, denn die
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2 ; hydrastis, 73 ; iodolum, 75 ; liq. antisepticus alkalinus,
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Verdacht zu haben (besonders einen in der hinteren Schadelgrube),
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containing a small amount of aromatic volatile oil,
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three hours, another 16 Cc. (4 fluidrams) is given.
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retarded and the nutrition promoted. Quinine and iron are the most
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in means of distinguisliing central and peripheral panilysea.
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gramm berechnen, dann entsprechen einundsiebzig Quadratzenti-
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In some pathological processes decomposition of the secretions
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the nerv^es of the uterus having a reflex action on other nerve-trui
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Bakterien ist in dem Artikel uber die Sputumuntersuchung zu finden.
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spasms in meningitis spinahs are not due to increased reflex excitsfail*
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Bazillen im Auswurf variiert stark. Um ein annaherndes Bild von
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bei vergleichender Beobachtung zeigt, und dafi es, urn diese
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wre remains a stationary soanty mucous discharge which may last for
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the first sign of orcliitis the patient must betake himself to beil, and
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•Ww of local 6}'mptoms (herdsymptome), in tuunors of the cere-
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the uterus, the urine constantly flowing through a vesico-vaginal fis-
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of doubtful therapeutic value. See Pancreatinum and
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smned, or, if he has died suddenly from sufiFocation, acute poisoning,
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tf tbose of hysterical women, and it is perfectly justifiable to designate
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wtttflh ere UBually called the results of inflammation, var}*. Occasion-
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the disease is ended. Impetigo contagiosa is thus an acute vesi-
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ANAPHBODISIACS : Bromides, 89, 120, 139, 145; camphora
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the h;^7>c^^mia has led to axlema, witliout the oedema having goftem-d
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BllOLOOT. — In encephalitis, just as in the inflammation of other
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The partial disturbances of sensibility and motUity in the parts
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Obstructive eng<:)rgeraent of the kidney arises fn^in ctiuses similar
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600 of the injury. Even in those cases where an injury of the skull
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enormous size. Usually certain cysts grow at the expense of the
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Die wichtigsten Arten, die normal im Darm und in den Fazes
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it, and sherry-brown when the light shines through it. Such re-
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pulse full and rapid. But we must not consider these symptoiTJS «5
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the pupil, ptosis, disturbance of mobility of the eye ; often, also, by
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to in very chronic ceases of the disease, while cubebs and copaiba were
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water, miscible in all proportions with alcohol and ether.
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in the neighborhood of one of the ovaries are the only signs usually
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spateren Stadien, namentlich bei fiebernden Patienten, gefunden.
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menstruation, we mean haemorrhages from mucous membranes, vroii
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of tlie body. At the same time Ijoth insi>ection and palpation show
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Das ganze Trommelfell hat ein perlartiges oder fettartiges Aussehen
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pora cavernosa, which prevents it from participating in the enlar
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i of the protein substances. Amyloid degeneration of the kid-
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ipOfdexy does occur even among children. Men fire somewhat oftener
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Bertihren Sie mit dem rechten (linken) Zeigefinger die Nasenspitze I
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spinal membranes on the spinal column, which communicates with thfl
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enough acetic acid to the filtrate so that the sediment which
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are located in the cerebrum and particularly in the vicinity of the
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by recent personal observations, and by official reports which have been
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the book is well printed in beautiful and clear typ, which renders its perusal a
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alcohol, 45 parts ether, 16 parts chloroform, more soluble
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zundung des Nierenbeckens bessern, und auf diese Weise wird der
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Dose: 4 Cc., or 1 fluidram, represents 0.3 Gm., or 5
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titioQ is oo(»sionally designated as difficulty of swallomng; it usually I
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of the kidney. There is also simultaneous atrophy of the parenchyma,
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