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1. Simple swelling of tbe optic papilla, with great tortuositj' of the

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1. Stones consisting chiefly of uric acid and its salts. They are

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no one classes among the infectious diseases, certain sj^mptoms, such

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ancc, of the character that we have frequently mentioned as

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Form eines den ganzen Stuhl durchsetzenden, verfilzten Fasern-

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Yellowish-brown, plastic mass, readily soluble in alcohol,

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is to be avoided. This test should be repeated with various

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tied tirmly aroimd the waist. lo otiier cases there is no spontaneous

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and subsequently to the upper extremities. The paralysis is usuaflr

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blood, while the innominate forms a considerable angle with it {Eflf*H

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The partial disturbances of sensibility and motUity in the parts

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stoffes im Harn. Wenn die alkalische Reaktion von fixen Alkalien

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vesicles, not only in its anatomical lesions — consisting of a coagulating

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6. Aside from the colors which the sputum receives from

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an irritation of the mucous membrane, induced by the presence of

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cxRnmitted sexual excesses. In some persons, it is true, the same

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over, when not successful, the operation is very painful, not for the

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of sputum on cover-glasses or slides. If possible, the so-called

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. tiie paralysis continued to advance, an infusion of arnica and camphor

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CAPTION. This is the most potent official article and

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*>d toughness. On the cut surface they a|jpear bloodless, dull, and

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dnioma of the brain is, as a rule, primary and solitarj.' ; aneurism of a

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in 350 cm^ Wasser gelost, plus 600 ctn^ Natronlauge, plus Wasser

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das gleichzeitige Hinzusetzen von Kupfersalz und Alkali in Form der

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When you feel something cold, say, "cold", when warm, say, "warm" !

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A woman was admitted to the hospital with the diagnosis

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cocci are present in the oral cavity, the identification by culture

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hence the brain-affection is regarded as a primary disease. Tlu; ctse

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dnris^ sleep, and occasionally give a piercing cry {erie hj/drocepha^

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Zwischenfalle, wie Kopfschmerzen und Schmerzen in den Beinen:

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for. A tolerably sure diagnosis may be made out if we can feel an

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is not at all sigruiicant of an aneurism, even of an oblitemted one. In

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Krystalle konnen mit dem ahnlich erscheinenden Schwefelwismuth

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Ich mbchte einen Fall illustrieren, den ich kQrzlich be-

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extremely distressing aflFection, for which the patient not unfrequently

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mentholis, thymolis, ana, 0.1 per cent.; acidi sali-

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Im EssigsMurepraparate schmelzen alle Fettreste durch das"

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in der Blase vorhanden ist, i. e. es besteht Anurie. Mitunter aber

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des Prazipitat wird abfiltriert. Grtine Fluoreszenz im Tageslicht

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This infiltration extends vtry irregularly ; in most cases the oen-ic*!

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•otion as is the disorder of the kidney at present under consider-

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ed side the dura mat^r api)ear3 more tense than on the other side. If

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ol Um ekin that oauae serouu blebs. Tliis view is sup[>orted by an in-

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Liquor Acidi Arsenosi, U. S. (1 per cent.). Dose: 0.2

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scjTotmn SM'cll up, and the skin is so tensely swollen that an imp

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only does the plasma of the blood readily escape from the capillaries

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Wie Sie sehen, blutet die Schnittflache der Niere noch reich-

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42 parts alcohol, insoluble in ether and chloroform.

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above the level of the thin layer of excrement, while the mucus

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wir seit langer Zeit einnehmen, namlich, dafi nur wenige Falle

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dann mit Wasser spalen und mit 17oiger wasseriger Eosinlosung

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on account of fixation and infiltration, the affected organ can

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tooele. In the cases I have seen, the patients were young persons,

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pl^;UL Those cases of paraplegia, where improvement and recovery