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■ud by other symptoms that have been overlooke<l, or at least und^r-

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characteristic bands of the reduced haematin in the green portion

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On physical examination, the finger intmduced through the vagina

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selbst grofier werden; dabei wird ihr Inhalt schnell trtibe und

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indurated, and more or less painful. On introthicing the uterine saiwd

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^geoitaI& It is chiefly chlorosis, scrofula, and tulwrculosis that retard

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Hiillen rosa und der Hintergrund des Praparates blaulichrot.

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Colorless needles, soluble in 77 parts water. 11 parts

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or bloody serous dischaige from the uterus, pain in passing water or

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^rars chronic. It is doubtful whether it ever ends in recovery. Death

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the more likely will it be tliat the kidney itself has become involved

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of the heart. Besides the adhesions of the heart and pericardium

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whole skin and muscles were charred, and the entire epigastrium

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indefinite fcelinjc^, antestheaia, twitchiugs, contrartioiis, paralyses '

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cavity. In the latter case, on the otlier hand, the bleeding aeentf ** 1

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detrusor is chiefly a&en in marasmio subjects, and individuals weakened

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poisoning and acute, yellow atrophy of the liver, furthermore, in

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convulsions cannot be referred to congestion of the medulla. But it

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during venesection, and it seems as if we oould, not unfrcquently, prf*

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ease in women. Considering the different seats of gonorrhoea in the

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make their appearance about the end of the first or second week,

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thii Stage venesection is superfluous and dangerous. On the other

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the head, always seem to produce a favorable impression.

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binth. (1 part in 200), 107: phenol (1 part in 333). 112:

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turn. 20 : chloroformum. 30, elix., 40, emuls., 50 ; elixir

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tural disease of the brain, spasm of the detrusors occurs, aooording to

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ephemeral or polypharmacal character, are not admit-

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lerera, just where the increase of bodily temperature and the produo-

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and, by many authors, is reganled as a constant com])lication, if not

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a red, brownish-red, or blackish-brown color. We may demon-

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any rapid diminution of the effusion takes place^ the salts ai'e elimi-

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Silky, light glistening tufted crystals, or hard needles,

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MERCURIAL SORE MOUTH : Argenti nitras, l(i ; cupri sulphas,

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kann aber durch Zufuhr grofier Flfissigkeitsmengen bedeutend

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stationary at the height it has attained, or may entirely disapjiear. lo

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and rosettes of finest, yellow, needle-shaped crystals. These are

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6. Bei Lungenechinokokkus oder Durchbrucii benachbarter

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■tkl containing teeth, balls of hair, and occasionally masses of nerve or

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iBOUth and the nose, and to the muscles tlmt protrude the tongue.

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cases the encephalitis depends on the irritation of the brain from neo-

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the form of fine poirdcrs, because in this condition they

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is, of course, out of the question. In discussing the treatment of ves

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und das roehr als miihselige Sprachstudien an der Hand von Gramatiken und

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gefunden wurden. Andere Forscher hielten gewisse Bestandteile

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and the scantier the flow. Finxill}-, the uieuses are often absent I

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2. Cheesy fragments of grfey or greyish-yellow color (so-

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molded into cones or "drops ;" insoluble in neutral

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gewisse Temperatur (gewShnlieh 15° Cgl&ius) geaieht. Zur genauen

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promptlj. For further information regarding inllammation of the

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-sagen, dafi die Schwere der Verbrennung sowohl von der Tiefe als

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and more certain remedies for it. I should be entirely misundersto'^li

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Lin disturbances of nutrition in tbe capillaries, is more

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weaxs an elastic bandage of gum elastic or knit cotton.

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Milzbrandbazillen in den Stabchen. Bei Tuberkelbazillen (Typus

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arj' substance. A secondary atrophy and induration succeed

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of serrioe, we must give them once or twice ourselves, or let a skilled

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patients suffer for years from neuralgric pain or spasmcxlic attacks in

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RoUe im Darm spielen. Ein bedeutender Teil des Stuhles besteht

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on cerebral haemorrhages will differ widely from each other.

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Colorless needles, soluble in 77 parts water. 11 parts

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laHy a dironic otorrhoea, and can discover no other causes for the brain-

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plasma from the capillaries of the kidneys, in obstructive congestion,

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fl» vkitaty of the corpus striatum and thalamus. On the other hand,

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letztere nicht als homogene Stabchen auftreten, sondern, wenn

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