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cathetor, as to the existence or non-existence of an uretiirall stricture.

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ihmi the sick child has, some time or other, fallen on its head ; but it

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outset. It is oonunonly siip[tosed that this difference of s^^mptoms

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often difficult to decide whether the vessels of the cerebral membnu>eB)|

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stool, and pain during defecation. On vaginal examination, we find

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! finmatioQ is still new, and the catamenia are plentiful and con-

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carbolfuchsin (10 cmm. of a saturated, alcoholic solution of fuchsin,

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sciousness and other symptoms of insufficient supply of blood to

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fofm aaaloguefi to the yellow plates, wliich wc found as reniaiuji of

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Uses: Antiseptic, disinfectant, germicide; said to be

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oonfeasedly extremely perplexing to the j^hysiolugists. They are al-

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normal urine yellow or orange ; in characteristic diazo reaction, a

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geringen Prozentsatze der Falle vor, bei jenen iiber eine Halfte

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vate the palsj, partly to excite more vigorous contraction of the de-

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of an adult at seventy kilos, then seventy one square centimeters

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Tinctura Rhei Vinosa, X. F. (Similar to the Ger. Ph.).

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In einer Eprouvette werden 20 cm^ Harn, nach Zusatz von

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bem obeeired at all tiroes of the day, and statLstical tallies have been

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of the amount of haemoglobin, and the establishing of the histo-


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seem to proceed from a disorder of innervation. Tlie richness of the'

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are relaxed by the narcotism induced by the opiuni:. If the opium

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the use of injections than where gonorrhoea is treated by internal

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sleep with difficulty, and the sleep is disturbed by unquiet dreams. lo

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Leukamien ahneln, aber ein ganz anderes Blutbild zeigen.

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Chapters I. and IV. of this section, since the prophylaxis of

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Ist im Harn Azetessigsaure vorhanden, so kann die Probe

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directly on the lack of oxygenated blood, or indirectly on changes

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wrote a treatise on epidemic cerebro-siiinal meningitis ; this artiolo ff^

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100 ccm. of a 57o carbolic solution). Carbol fuchsin (undiluted)

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and the C3^t did not fill again for a long while, and in some

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the ocditobility of the brain in the s&me way. I have already said

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detriment to the latter. In this way ecchymoses arise, in which tliere

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'hea severe headache indicates tuben]'ulous inflammation rather

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debilitated and depressed constitution more readily than those who

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trated solutions of high specific gravities, such as, the

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IWDtkmed epileptiform attacks, as regards the Cisrebral aniesthesia and

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nucleo-albumin is made by boiling the sediment with diluted

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acid, boric., 3 parts, amylum, 25 parts, as dusting powder :

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— Now to the left! — Farther! — There, now lift it a little!

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violett) unter Erwarmen, bis Dampfe auftreten (nicht kochen!),

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plied externally, either in substance in 10 per cent,

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out rendering it impossible. Moreover, they impede the escape of tho

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containing only the soluble principles of beef, does not

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hand, you irritate the skin too much, so that eventually new

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U. S., '90). Liquified Carbolic Acid, 20 Cc. in 100

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incubator for twenty-four hours, at a temperature of 55» — 60" C.

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Yinuin Colchici Seininis, U. S. (10 per cent.). Dose:

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filtrierte Urin, Schaumbildung vermeidend, in einen trockenen

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2. Vereinzelte gelbe Bruchstticke von Muskelfasern in Form

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■ <m the sound side, the angle of the mouth h drawn up and the nostril

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public and we are merely their custodians. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to

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nished under the special titles. It is suggested that

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fers that oc(uning during the first and second weeks to an interrupted]

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Dose: 120 Cc., or 4 fluid ounces, representing about

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attached to official medicines before the adoption of

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rectum, vagina, or externally into the perinfcum. There is also a forni

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1.500 gm. (3 Ibs.) to 1,000 cubic feet. 147: liquor formal-

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cue the arachnoid often forms a vibrating sac tilicd with serum. When

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(1/32 gr.) morphine sulphate in syrup of acacia, fla-

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Kinder befallen. In der Regel sitzt die Krankheit im Gesichte,

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Schleimmengen, infolge nervoser Reizung der SchleimdrUsen, ohne

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