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when we can find no etiology, clinically, for a secondary anaemia.
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in advance ; but recently there is great tendency to fall into the error
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tiriek. Ita form is cylindrical, and, when fresh, it is of a blood-red
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<igliis ooDtaining little connective tissue, there is not much interstitial
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that the urine pressing aft«r the stone may drive it before it int\) the
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Idooe (expectant treatment), or else all the efTorta were directed to the
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A saturated solution of H 2 O 2 in water, yielding 10
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Die Operation dauerte im Ganzen eine und eine viertel
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into the perivascular spaces and interstices of the brain may very
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plasma from the capillaries of the kidneys, in obstructive congestion,
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Itfigarded as u rare exception. Credulous persons will hit upon cases
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2. Wenn Gallenfarbstoff fehlt, wird der Stuhl blafi, graugelb
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oases where patients with cerebral tumors liave had a blow on
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innig mit ihnen vermischt sein (Dysenterie). Aus dem Dtinndarm
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A disturbance of the pancreatic digestion must be deduced from
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im Nasen- und Rachenschleim ; der mikroskopische Nachweis
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Ik tbifl section we shall only treat of tlie inflaminations of the
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gramm berechnen, dann entsprechen einundsiebzig Quadratzenti-
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what darker. The annulus tendinosus and the Troltsch pocket
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correspond to one ninth or one tenth of burns of the third degree.
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suppositories. J'rolaiiNii* of. ergota, 52 ; hamamelis. 60 ;
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cause absolute impotence. On the other hand, cases of diminishi
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and diminish in size according to their fulness, arc not apt to run Ukeir
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1. Simple swelling of tbe optic papilla, with great tortuositj' of the
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ttKnhranes as proved only in those cases where t^ie finest vessels also
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atypical pneumonia. The microscopical examination allows us to
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skin, an injury which results either from fire or hot liquids. We
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tt the moment of the hietnorrhage. The more sudden the symptoms
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auch jene Bazillen farbt, welche die Ziehlsche Methode nicht
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pneumonia. The diagnosis may sometimes be made microscopically
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des Parenchyms, geringe rechtsseitige Pyelitis mit gesundem
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Symptoms of renal colic may arise during their passage through the
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frequently, indeed, than of the so-called uremic ayuiptoms — to be d&-,
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the skin appears completely escharred in various layers, combustio
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with watery mixtures unless containing soap ; soluble
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The quantity of the vehicle is calculated as in the
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in allaying that which already exists, the establishment of active dia-
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also show various shapes. (Without illustrations it is difficult to
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zundung des Nierenbeckens bessern, und auf diese Weise wird der
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Die Lumbalpunktion kann am liegenden oder sitzenden
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XXIII.— Esaential Palsy of Children— Spinal Infantile Palay(Z]rrirt<^), . . 838
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3. Occasionally the demonstration of cholera vibrios may
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Linimentum lodi, X. F. (Similar to Br. Ph.) Iodine,
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I ureters. In sueli instances, the symptoms of renal coHc, hereafter to be
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