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tient ; as long as it is light he walks very well, although carefully; be

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2, Pq,thologi(:al findings in acetic acid specimen.

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ring once, or at irregular intervals in the course of acute tlipcujcaij

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a rule, the disease is situated on the face, because it is most

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diese Methode vorsichtig und nur in Ausnahmsfallen angewendet

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Fltissigkeit wird mit Wasser verdtinnt und auf den Siedepunkt

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Large, deep-blue crystals, soluble in '2.2 parts water,

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blood in the first stages of parenchymatous melTitis, and finding

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mit Vesuvinlosung oder wasseriger Methylenblaulosung. Die

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chloric acid and 1 gm of sulphanilic acid in the litre with

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ay exercise a peniicious influence upon the nutrition and upon the

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The causes of true spennatorrhoea are obscure. Relaxation or

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exti'avasations of blood, and which seem to represent the first stage

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Croupous and diphtheritic inflammations of the vaginal mucous

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Unless artificially emptied, the bladder is *hstended excessively, and it

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a) Fettsaurenadeln (charakterisiert durch ihre Loslichkeit in

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iu by a rigor, followed by fever and a shaq> pahi in the region of the^

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Ittveneni epithelium and joung cells (raucous and pus-corpusc!es),

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sistency prevent confusing them with the mucus. They protrude

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hypenemia of the brain after too prolonged mental labor,

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Tlie collection of a few drops of urine in the bladder occasions the

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phosphate is formed^ — ^the so-called triple phosphate. The fermeiilj^H

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in many cases, spoke against this explanation. From the expla

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inflation of bowel by carbon dioxid. pulvis effervescens

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increase of indican content appears especially in ileus, cholera,

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melidis, 15 ; liq. sod. borat. comp., 87 ; antipyrine, 13.

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Anatomical Appearances. — On autopsy, flexions of the uterus

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shall be very little, if any, loss of blooti from it^ In treating amenoi^j

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effioMknis : I have obtained some most happy results from it in cases

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CONIUM. Fruit of Coniurn maculatum. 0.."> per cent.

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sterile water, but the water or solution made with it

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found in some of the few cases where there was disturbance of \

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•rfthe temporal bones and the occipital bone are more horizontal. Tlie

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HYPERIDROSIS : Acid, camphoricum, 3 ; acid, salicylicum, 5 ;

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aqua rosae (5 to 25 parts in 500) ; sodii boras (pre.), 139;

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Lastly, it cannot be denied that paralyses are geaeniUy improved

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tonic contraction of the muscles of the nape of tlie neck, often iw^

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for instance, the first stage corresponded to the h\T3enemia of the

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^ widely-dilated capillaries, which contain very little connective tis-

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Special properties are indicated under the respective oils.

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ginnt und dann mit dem Deckglase bedeckt ; das dritte wird mit

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gelingt es uns zuweilen, Sputum zur Untersuchung zu erlangen,

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Wenn wir die obigen Tabellen etwas schematisch geordnet

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■ait of the diseases of the spinid medulla and membranes. Such

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\ forms ttnnors which rarely attain the size of those described in the last

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Bei Erorterung dieser Probe wird davon gesprochen werden.

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Verhaltnissen, insbesonders bei Anamie, werden sie verschieden

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Uses: Demulcent; additions to mixtures for internal

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ttOfior dbturbonoes are more prominent. The sj-mptoms of atiipmia

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Oder weil manchmal die Gelatine durch das Formaldehyd so stark

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112. (Locally), acid, boric, 2; argenti nitras (1 or 2

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SoHE persons can suffer the aocmnulation of a very large


at tbe neck. In meningitis, flying-blist<'rs api)ear to be more efficient

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pail for 1,000 cubic feet, 83 : wash surfaces with solution

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tioa, twitching, etc.) very frequently precede the jiartial anesthesias

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46 : fel bovis pur., 55 : frangula. 64 ; magma magnesiae. 90 ;

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to prepare an antitoxin, but we already have at present a great

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and not well developed physically, but are often very bright mtaj'

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recognizable by the typical papules which are never absent when

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decide the question between an abscess of the brain and a tunwr.!

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amount of bltXHl in the largo vessels) whether or not the brain

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1 pint Mercuric Chloride Solution 0.2 per cent. : 7,292

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should retain the faces for tlie same reason, is given from theoreticall

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induced in the mucous membrane and parenchyma of the utenis, while

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tlicse vessels be not ligated, those that have been left frt^e suj)ply

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one half the feoe, and rapidly spreads over the body. Occasionally the

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tUcut epOeptifonn attacks, wliile the absence of a large compressing

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Etiology. — For a dme the fact was ignored that on autopsy the

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bral irritation, while, as the disease advances, there is severe i

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getriibten) Urin. Auch andere Umstande bestimmen die Reaktion;

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has normally a slight inclination forward. In this case also it seems

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menbd exertion is blamed most frequently for exciting hydrocejjhalus

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lll neiungitis ; and 5. Of intiamraation of the brain-substance. Since

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