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treated of hereafter. Certainty is only possible when cysts of the

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Tcrionhe seminales ; occasionally, also, the operation may have had a

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^ cannot give an exact explanation of this symptom, we may still

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stomach and intestinal canal. Therefore, chemical proof of the

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Thrush appears in the mouth and pharynx of weak children

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durchsichtig, oft schwach fluoreszierend. Nach kiirzerem oder

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er tion, as yet imknown to us, from the epitheliimi. The obsen'ation

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and only seeks medical aid on account of the continual enuresis, and

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bei gewissen Formen chroniseher Bronchitis, ferner bei Distomiasis

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nachweisen. Pepton tritt im Harn bei reichlichem Zerfall von

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formly and thus often produce irritation, instead of al-

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Liquor Potassii Arsenitis, U. S. (1 per cent.). Dose:

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Wbere the bleeding thrtiatcns to exhaust the patient, we must have

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Uses: Anodyne, hypnotic, sedative narcotic; also in

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on cloth or adhesive plaster, about 5 Gm. (75 grs.),

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exudates rich in common salt (crupous pneumonia), this test

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I the discharge varies : sometimes it is slight ; in other cases the patient

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Wait ! — I will paint your throat with something, but be careful

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liquida, 118; scilla, 136: senega, 136; sangninaria, 13."

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Wenn wir die erhaltenen Ergebnisse auf die klinischen Sym-

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and dropsy of other parts of the body. Still more frequently the ob-

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sodium acetate and a little phenyl-hydrazine chloride are added

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tat leas characteristic of the disease. The malady can only be diag-

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of the blister, which is a second factor in the phenomenon.

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of the opium alone is insufficient to account for the relief which usually

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sary to compensate the obstruction to the circulation is quite frequent.

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Flo sinking, that touching the os uteri and its cervical caual, in chronic

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which impede the escape of blood from the ventricles and induce ex-

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be called to the grave nature of his disease by any marked diminution

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Oophoritis is only exceptionally accompanied by fever. The course of

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stoffe in der verbrannten Haut selbst entstehen. Dies sind in

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e) Pathologische Beimengungen wie Schleim, Eiter und Blut

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nished under the special titles. It is suggested that

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*lBBon there is atrophy of the brain-substance, and its shrinkage sup-

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erhaltene Substanz zu extrahieren und dann letztere in die Bauch-

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pliin of pain in the back, it is difficult to decide whether it is due to

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and constant aggravation of the symptoms, the early appearance of a

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the thalamus opticus, and the large medullary masses of the hemi-

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(iuaiacol and Creosol, obtained by distillation from

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sion that it has bc^comc broader. The neuroglia, which in the carlr

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Dropsy is one of the most characteristic signs of Bright's disease,

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tbeportk) vaginalis directed backward toxvard the hollow of the saci-um,

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addition of a substance that hinders coagulation, such as sodium

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rather that, just as in other hydraemic conditions in which the urine is

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Bad as we have represented the prognosis of parenchymatous ne-

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tioo would be to favor the development of a collateral circulation,

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chloridum corrosivum (1 part in 14.300). 71: hydrargyri

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by the extravasation, than the tentorium does the medulla oblongata

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