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urethra or womb, the application of a few leeches upon the perinfeuuj,^H

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metal and exposing the moist disks to the air so that

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AccoBDma to the plan of our book, we omit without notioe all

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ist, kann ein Gemisch von drei Teilen von sterilem Eiweifi, mit

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Wenn diese Stundenangabe durch die Ausdehnung der ver-

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paralysis are usually slow and gradual Many patients cannot sUli

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to the theories and the indications he gives for the tn^atraent of dif-

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'•lb of the uterus are tljinned ; if it comes on slowly, they are thick-

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^sprove nothing, unless Addison had made the false and unwarrant-

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Bei einem Drittel der Korperoberflache erfolgt der Tod nach

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a hemp-seed, and may cause suppuration and destruction of the renal

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perniziose bezeichnen miissen und welche zum Beispiel nur

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Schwierigkeiten in der Diphtheriediagnose konnen durch

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Co. (or 6 fl. oz.) of water, represents an equal volume

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brain have begun after an injury of the head, or if the patient hil I

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14 ; antimony, 13 ; lobelia, 89 ; potass, cit.. 122 ; ammonii

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water. 1.0 parts alcohol, 11'. 5 parts ether and 0.60 part

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irritating ointments, or where persistent retention and deoompositioi^H|

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severity, in the vicinity of the vertex and forehead be the first, and, fori

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fcd quite well, and the disease «in only be recognized by examina-

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ing treatment, particularly the continued use of warm douches to the

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or for other reasons, they may be coated with some suit-

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body. We raay readily detenniue that the paralysis, resulting from,

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Fluidextractum Boldo, X T . F. Boldo. Dose: 0.5 Cc., or

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Phosphorvergiftung und akuter, gelber Leberatrophie, ferner bei

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of dying from their disease. Finally, the excitement gives vm.T to

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ed!/ b pcreons who have previously felt quite well ; in other cases it

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stance, it attacks the whole thickness of the medulla; sometimes, it J

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tlia fliilWilM*. But we may regard it as very probable that epidemic

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fatty metamorphosis of the cells commencing in the centre, to a suS>

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gradually lessened j the movements of the diaphragm are hindered, and

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in consequence of increased peristalsis, so that the faeces leave

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smaller arterii-s or t!ie capillaries of the brain, and are caused pai

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itic but not a constant symptom for tlie tumor to move with

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In East Asia eggs of distomum pulmonale are not infrequently

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ted that, in our zone at least, the action of the sun's hot rays

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Dose: 0.0005 Gm., equal to 0.5 ing.. O r 1/128 grain.

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repeat-ed relapse of the inflanimation. When the local abstraction of

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jit is fiometimes congenital, sometimes the result of erosions and ulcers,

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addition of a fixed oil to produce a stable emulsion.

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in the beginning of the affection as well as at its culmination.

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to know that, iu the first and second week of the complaint, the ana-

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tion of a diluent such as sugar of milk or pulverized

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bt a long time, even for j-ears, by attacks of severe tearing paio in

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SmPTOSCS AXD Course. — Acute inflammation of the pia mater is

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spiilen mit warmem Wasser moglichst reinigen, und dann wirft er

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White silky needles in fleecy masses, soluble in 4.~i.P>

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passed into it, even in women who have had no children. From the

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tion of taraxacum, wild cherry, licorice, sweet orange

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■ Wm where the disease was located were far more bloo<lless than the

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pilze werden aber haufiger als Saprophyten in altem Kaverneneiter

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pleural exudates into a bronchus in certain cases of bronchitis,

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