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tension of the abdominal organs. If the uterus project from the vtilv%

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national Conference for the Unification of Potent Remedies.

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with acid stains (eosin) are characteristic of these cells. These cells

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Very well, try that line once more! K — V — Y — F — R — N.

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absent, too, during pregnancy accompanied by parenchjTtnatous renal

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buchu, 23 ; Chondrus, 13 ; cocaina. 32 ; potassii bromidum,

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specimen predominate intra- or extra-cellularly for the reason that

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Symptoms anh Couksk — Red gritty deposits upon the napkins of

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asthma numerous eosinophilic cells (up to half of all leucocytes)

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injudicious use of which the anjemia may readily become dangerooSb

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This may occasionally be found in the sputum, particularly

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appears in the urine during abundant decomposition of leucocytes,

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after rcaheorption of the disintegrated medulla of an inflamed nerve,

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sages. It is not constantly preceded by pulmonary tubercle ; but this

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great defect of the spinal medulla and extensive opening of the canal,

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udation, which unites it loosely to the neig-hboriug parts, particularly

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copically visible remnants appear in the stool when digestion is

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urine. The treatment of croupous and diphtheritic cystitis should be

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Oleoresins are mixtures of volatile oils and resins,

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sodium nitro-prusside, and then liquor potassae or caustic soda,

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\ on a section through the brain. When the disease is more se-

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of a whiter or grayer color; have a round or oval shape; are light in

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symptoms. General blocxi-letting should be rejected, as liable to ag-

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ndthe gray ooraraissure ; the diseased fmrt always retains the shape

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