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and not well developed physically, but are often very bright mtaj'

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recognizable by the typical papules which are never absent when

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decide the question between an abscess of the brain and a tunwr.!

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amount of bltXHl in the largo vessels) whether or not the brain

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1 pint Mercuric Chloride Solution 0.2 per cent. : 7,292

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should retain the faces for tlie same reason, is given from theoreticall

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induced in the mucous membrane and parenchyma of the utenis, while

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tlicse vessels be not ligated, those that have been left frt^e suj)ply

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one half the feoe, and rapidly spreads over the body. Occasionally the

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tUcut epOeptifonn attacks, wliile the absence of a large compressing

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Etiology. — For a dme the fact was ignored that on autopsy the

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bral irritation, while, as the disease advances, there is severe i

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getriibten) Urin. Auch andere Umstande bestimmen die Reaktion;

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has normally a slight inclination forward. In this case also it seems

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menbd exertion is blamed most frequently for exciting hydrocejjhalus

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lll neiungitis ; and 5. Of intiamraation of the brain-substance. Since

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Essentia Pepsini, X. F. Essence of Pepsin. An agree-

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ii UBOciated with a degeneration, extending into the spinal medulla,

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sediment obtained by centrifuging or sedimentation (C. Spengler).

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AxATOMiCAi. Appeabaxceb. — In recent cases, the result of au-

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bromidum, 120 ; spts. glycerylis, nitratis, 143 ; tinct. nucis

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ammonii carbonas, 11; spts. ammonia arom., 142; caffeina,

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dfde of TFiWw, necrosis is the usual termination of the partial an^e-

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are intended. The vehicle may consist of a fat oil of

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f in cicatrizing, have caused adhesions. Tlie seat of congimital

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of tJiis form, we may mention the excessive cerebral oon-

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OQGUirenoe that it may always be anticipated in such cases.

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Jaksdi the cerebrospinal fluid contains isomaltose, which dis-

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ptomen begleitet, die innere Zustande andeuten. Das Seufzen, die

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ittelC, but mostly on the disturbances of circulation around it, (WTien

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ob9er\-er8 also seem to think that the disease is more frequent in suoh

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BiQgBliit oases these symptoms may get the upper band very quick-

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parts water. 32.5 parts alcohol, practically insoluble in

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the official 10 per cent, tincture ; there is no need of this

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soluble in carbon dioxide water ; insoluble in alcohol.

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borici, 166; ung. ziuci oxidi, 168; see Dusting Powders.

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This modification is Itess definite than the method previously

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soluble in 13 pa > alcohol, very soluble in ether, chloro-

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from that of a walnut to a child's head. The skin covering

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of the urine only some time after it has been passed. Thus urine

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that, in affections of the pancreas, a body appears in the urine

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tSten. Dies zeigt, dafi bei einem neugeborenen Kinde (zirka fUnf

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caustic soda, and by the addition of 2 gms. of bismuth subnitrate).

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manganate in 16 parts; the remaining salts are still

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acid staining (five to ten seconds), rinse with water and dry.

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ACNE : Sulphur. 147, 168 ; calx sulphurata, 25 liq., 81 ;

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beiderseits klar und grundlich freizulegen. Die Schwierigkeiten,

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2. Fluxionar)' hypenemia of the brain results from too slight roast*

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gous to that of the rectum already described in catarrhal rectitia,