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be felt in the supraclaviculur fossa. The hiust important symptums

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fatty metamorphosis of the cells commencing in the centre, to a suS>

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gradually lessened j the movements of the diaphragm are hindered, and

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in consequence of increased peristalsis, so that the faeces leave

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smaller arterii-s or t!ie capillaries of the brain, and are caused pai

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itic but not a constant symptom for tlie tumor to move with

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In East Asia eggs of distomum pulmonale are not infrequently

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ted that, in our zone at least, the action of the sun's hot rays

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Dose: 0.0005 Gm., equal to 0.5 ing.. O r 1/128 grain.

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repeat-ed relapse of the inflanimation. When the local abstraction of

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jit is fiometimes congenital, sometimes the result of erosions and ulcers,

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addition of a fixed oil to produce a stable emulsion.

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in the beginning of the affection as well as at its culmination.

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to know that, iu the first and second week of the complaint, the ana-

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tion of a diluent such as sugar of milk or pulverized

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bt a long time, even for j-ears, by attacks of severe tearing paio in

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SmPTOSCS AXD Course. — Acute inflammation of the pia mater is

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spiilen mit warmem Wasser moglichst reinigen, und dann wirft er

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White silky needles in fleecy masses, soluble in 4.~i.P>

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passed into it, even in women who have had no children. From the

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tion of taraxacum, wild cherry, licorice, sweet orange

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■ Wm where the disease was located were far more bloo<lless than the

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pilze werden aber haufiger als Saprophyten in altem Kaverneneiter

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pleural exudates into a bronchus in certain cases of bronchitis,

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stiraulus of the urine collected in the bladder. Contraction of tliej

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two and is closed by a singly perforated rubber cork, through

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few minutes (apoplexie foudroyante), or after some hours.

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delay in the appearance of the iodine reaction, or its complete

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OQ the spinal processes of the vertebree ; with rare exceptions, this

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and to distinguish it from an abscess, or other local disease of the 1

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zu machen, sondern die wahrend vierundzwanzig Stunden durch

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made. If the same results as positive, that is, if on addition of

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Dose: 4 Cc.. or 1 fluidram, representing 0.06 Gm. (1

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vary in size from that of a hemp seed to that of a pea.

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continue to menstruate. Small clots of blood, that has ooagTiilated

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Symptoms and Course, — The couunenceraent of a clap is an-

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may be reabsorjition of the blood and consequent freedom of the brain

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arachnoid spaces, the brain-substance is moist and shining. This i

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brain loses its functional power forever. There are some parts of tie

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IBown OAUses of non-pucrporal oophoritis are injurious influences act^

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they exercise on the dura mater arparates its filaments, so that they

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crystals, readily soluble in water, alcohol and In 18

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bwD the opportunity, ratlier frequently, of oljsendng the comraence-

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fluid, contain fat, hair, etc, Tliese are doubtless Graafian follicles ; on

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necessarily imply that the comtnuuication of the latter with

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eral health. He was married, and his vMq had several children by

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von allgemeinen Lyraphdrlisenschwellungen das Blut zu unter-

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*^ )io:limatization " of the exposed individual to the person of the other.

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that they miglit depend on irritation of the cutaneous nerves, as J<f*

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Fluidextractum Gelsemii, U. S. Dose: 0.05 Cc., or 1

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schlossenen Augen in dieselbe Stellung, welche ich dem linken

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ney, which hitherto has been enlarged, is now reduced both in weight

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ether, chloroform, benzin and in fixed oils, which may

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The typhoid bacillus or plague bacillus may in cor-

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