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MKMERE'S DISEASE : Gelsemium, 65 ; pilocarpina (daily in-

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thalamus and corpus striatum). There are exceptional cases whew

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of the cranial space with blood, and of impediment to the exit of thi

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does cirrfaoeis of the liver. We have no pliysio logical explanation of

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the stool. Even slight catarrhal affections impair the digestion of

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ODe. On the other hand, it seems to me admissible to ascribe th»

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at tbe neck. In meningitis, flying-blist<'rs api)ear to be more efficient

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Erkrankungen ist in solchen Fallen haufig Ikterus vorhanden.

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acid, boric., 3 parts, amylum, 25 parts, as dusting powder :

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meatus to the fossa navicularis. This pain mcrcases, and, durio^

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JBipediment to the passage of the urine, without vesical catarrh. In

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mass. This is rolled into cylinders of about 5 mm. 1/5

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for various diseases, but to present such a selection

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Ike exudation, adhesions to the pelvic organs often remain. In para-

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said they had a strong predisposition to pulmonary consumption, if

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a "sjTnptom of irritation of the surface,'* In the pre\-ious

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tfettiug of vesical calculus, we shall discuss the pathogeny and cti-

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may sink to 1005. This is principally on account of a decrease in its

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ful iodination to pass water is a constant symptom. According to

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humanus sind dagegen die „ Splitter" so geordnet, dafi ein Korn

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LARYNGTSMUS : Amyl nitris. 13; atropina. 18; chloral, 20;

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Of these, scolices and hooklets of echinococcus are found.

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as this, from a patient with chronic dropsy, is in itself suggestive of

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infolge Vorhandenseins von Blut, fleischfarben, sonst grauweifi.

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of a very high or even of a very low temperature on the head, cluU

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of the peripheral nerves, which are also irritated by a moderate pressuiv

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fectioa. Local irritation of the urethra by foreign bodies, irritating

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glands, thus injured, are distinctly tubercular and contain copious

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(or cachets) prepared from starch paste, pressed into

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dehnten Verbrennungen dritten Grades fast kein Eiweifi verloren

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In examining for peptone we add to half a liter of urine,

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membrane is dark reil ; after the slough has been thrown off, irregular

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which other children of the same age seem to understand the us*, into

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by clonic spasms. The children do not respond when called, or when

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Atropina, 18 : pilocarpus, 113 ; potassii bromidum. 120 :

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other hand, succumb to it far more speedily, because the former have

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• grades there is softening of the medullary suljstanoe. Accord-

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Too early menstruation — menstruatio prmcox — is not

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■tig;hlx»ring nerves, any one, having a knowledge of only the coarse

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TriJbung oder einen Niederschlag. Normaler Harn zeigt keine

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*l>ilothe aged are rarely affecteci Unfavorable hygienic influences

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Bright*8 disease api^ears almost as frequently among hartl drinkers as

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If, on the other hand, there haa been a suspicion of tumor of the brain,

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him, and other 53^nptom3 of irritation of the bruin, wliich are sub-

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inicro60ope, the tubules are seen to be tilled with granular, or globular,

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ntka of blood. This, to some degree, explains the difference of

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ureters. Misplacement of the kidney, with abnormal mobility, is a

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Some authors include the form of impotence first described under

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Bright's disease to deal with. Examination of the urine places the

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ffXhvr or gray, occasionally also reddish, thick fluid ; their walls ccm-

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tfce oovbrum only those tumors run a latent course which grow slowly,

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mit Wasser sptilen. Nachfarben mit 2''/oiger wasseriger Vesuvin-

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tumors, Ijetween the conm^ctivotissue and muscular layers,

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described as occurring in hjemorrhagic infarction of the spleen. A dis-

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kurzes, unbewegliches, gramnegatives Stabchen mit deutliciier

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ud oonaequent softening of the brain, in an old, decrepit person, who

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parts alcohol, in 3.8 parts ether ; very soluble in chloro-

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ieduiaa course. ITie disease may drag on for years, and it often defies

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Pink, crystalline, powder, soluble in 6.6 parts water.

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sia, aneurisms of the brain, and even parasites, by the common ;

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kidney undergoes proliferation, while the peculiar tissues of the organ

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•ftjuired form, the treatment is mostly symptomatic, and the patients

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SEBOKRHEA : Linamentum saponis mollis, 78 ; plus thymol

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Vkcrins catarrh are common to fibroid an<l to other diseases of the