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acids) as well as on inorganic acids (sulphuric acid, phosphoric

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die Diagnose festzustellen. Beim Pemphigus hystericus fliefit der

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washing the genitals with cold water have the reputation of strength-

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attain old age. ITieir power of resistance to intercurrent dis-

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during the last decades. Some of the authors are of the opinion

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indications of the svniptoras. But, on careful exammation of tbc e«*

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at the same time turns blue litmus red. This ensues when mono-

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stages of the disease may be more readily made out. If, in a putieut

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tte fuUtraa of the veins of the meninges, whicli is found ou autopsy in

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arise. The little balls resembling "sheep excrement" represent a

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uttfrequeutly pharisaical. Occasionally the disease remains statioiiafj';

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connective tissue may appear undigested in the stool in the

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purple-red. If on the other hand acetone is absent, the red pro-

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tf gODonhceai inflammation, while all others are quite proof against

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examination of necrosed portions of brain, we usually

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treatment should be employed as adjuncts. As prophyl-

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with symptoms of cerebral paralysis, especially \vith complete loss o^"

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■food ; it is acid with a diet of meat or a mixed diet ; with exclusively

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In the first place, we must take into consideration acute

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u person who has long been afflicted by syphilis, consumption, tedious

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distended to the size of a head or larger, are rare. The most impo^

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I" for its effects can hardly be better than those obtained from tan-

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dropsy, tenninating in death. When due to stones in the renal pelvis,

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gives a standard for the changes in individual cases, by com-

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The normal excrement is usually distinguished by its light color

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Tlie duration of the disease before its fatal termination varies

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tant to prevent all bodily exertion and mental excitement, and keep

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that a skin, which is completely impermeable, does not cause the

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welche haufig auftritt. Diese Reaktion ist weniger empfindlich

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even during any temporary improvement. Well-to-do people, who

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I the bladder. During the intervals between the bleedings the urine

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(Crates of medicinal substances, spread on gauze or

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eine durch Amoben bedingte oder bakterielle Erkrankung (sei es

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stances as a flavoring for emulsion of cod liver oil. tbe

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^ pnaenoe of a stranger who watehes him, and that the first attempts

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stance. Occasionally some of these parasites are found dead,

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less as Hofiibertj. But very few would agree with RenicJc^ J^eMcU^

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schlossenen Augen in dieselbe Stellung, welche ich dem linken

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and the posterior roots, but occasionally the gray substance al«oi

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bei gewissen Formen chroniseher Bronchitis, ferner bei Distomiasis

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chen durch Gram- und Neisser-Fiirhung erkannt werden ; nach

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amyloid degeneration of the walls of the renal vessels. If the patiem

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perceptible sediment when centrifuged ; there are only very few

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coming from the puncture will separate by coagulation, while