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I have fully shown, by this description, that, in many cases, it is

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Triturations may easily be prepared in dosage-form by

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frequently, indeed, than of the so-called uremic ayuiptoms — to be d&-,

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all the arteries supphing the brain with blood ; but it is entirely

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tumor when tlie movements are very extensive, and vice versa.

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In severe decompositions a dirty red color appears instead

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nt may ^pplj leeches to the cervix of the uterus, or cups to the inside

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hand, an artery be ruptured, and the bleeding does not soon oeoae

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spasms. In most cases the jmtients come out of this fainting^tit in t

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the peritonaeum which covers it, or by a growth, especially by a cancer,

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and follow by collodium. To Relieve Pain, belladonna

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tinue for weeks, and greatly exhaust the patient by the accompan

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CARMINATIVES: Camphor. 26; cardamom. 27: cinnamon. 32:

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(100 F. ) for 15 minutes. Then pour the mixture into

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increased (15,000 to 3,000,000 per cmm.). The lymphocytes differ

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Ich habe, meine Herren, so lange tiber diese Tatsache ge-

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In some cases the puncture does not succeed immediately.

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Farbung nach RUbiger: Die nicht vorher fixierten Praparate

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zundung des Nierenbeckens bessern, und auf diese Weise wird der

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steht, die Bauchhohle geoffnet und durch direkte Betastung;

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fliefien spontan 20 bis 30 c/n' ab, manchmal aber steigert sich

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sputum varies greatly. In order to give an approximate picture

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Die Lumbalpunktion kann am liegenden oder sitzenden

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in some patients, just as in encephalitis, there is even a remariaU*!

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.18. sparingly soluble in water, readily soluble in other

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valvular disease, on rough parts of the valves, or else portions of the

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risms, or of degenerated arteries, cause the meningeal bleeding; in

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is also impossible in such cases, since the erythrocytes are de-

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Jene tiber 500 crri^ sind nicht selten. Bei Hamoptoe wurden

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acid. It is therefore missing in the normal excrement after the

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and extends from the kidney toward the bladder, and radiates toward

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sense of pressure, or a dragging, throbbing pain in the perimeum, extend-

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blood that has remained in the bronchial tubes. Finally, bronchial

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2. Isolated yellow fragments of muscular fibres in the shape

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Streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci, micrococcus tetra-

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Trochisci Glycyrrhizse et Opii, U. S. (5 mg. in each).

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Hyoscyamus, containing also in 100 Cc. (25 fldrs.) 2

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herpes all vesicles are equally old (all serous, or pustular, or

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broken down, and the inflamed sinus filled with a purulent or

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Xu,r Voniica ami v trnchnina, acidum tannicum. 7 : am.vl

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ments. The nucleus of these cells is often divided into several

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more and more difiicult, and the dysuria may increase to absolute

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Utf &ct that the first fine ramifications of the vessels supplying the

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lus, 70 elix.. 44; linum. (inf.), 78; potass bromidum,

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one being given every three or four hours to reduce fever.

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even i£ the blood has only sunk downward, and the vessels in the upper

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BirelUng of the meatus gradually subside, the erections are less fre-

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Puh-is Effervescens Compositus, U. S. (Seidlitz Pow-

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arteries and veins of the brain-substance, birt also the larger vessels of

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