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perspiration. Pigments which are foreign to the normal urine
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with the thighs drawn up close to the body, and bent forward as
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application of a 1 per cent, solution Potassium Cy-
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hineingeprefiteii Wassers bestimmt werden ; dieses Gefafi dient als
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Teil des eiweififreien Filtrates wird nun stark mit Essigsaure an-
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the cystitis which accompanies inflammation of the prostate, and in
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more readily in hot or boiling water, readily soluble in
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OKpiUaries, has no efl'ect either in augmenting or diminishing the quan-
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softeniog of the brain-substance, with diffuse disease of the cerebrum.
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It must be stated that urine free from sugar, which contains
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muscular conneotive tissue^ and the muscular fibres themselves, are
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ntka of blood. This, to some degree, explains the difference of
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123. To remove dirt, pour oil into wound and wash out,
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cerebrum, is larger and heavier than normal. On autopsy, if th<t
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tetntl incontinence, who have been severely chastised the day before,
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the tentorium being flattened, or, when the disease is in the posterior
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pass water, which does not give the patient a moment's rest; and,
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in such cases that we have to deal with Jejuno-Ileum contents
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nine hydrochloride and 0.06 Gm. (Igr.) ferric chloride.
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like order. They may also appear in groups touching each other
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tion contained in a similar bottle. Solution ferric sul-
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Gleichgiltig, ob der Stuhl nach einer Probekost oder ohne
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by him lumbar puncture, has rapidly come into general practice.
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Fallen ist es notwendig das Sputum von jenen Beimengungen
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In other cases the needle enters the canal, penetrates the same,
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wider than in the adult. At the depth of 5 to 6 cm. we suddenly
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fanilsaure im Liter entlialtenden Lqsung, mit 5 c/w* Vs'^oig^r Losung
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rina, 13 ; cantharis. 27 ; chloroformum, 30 ; oleum tiglii,
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chloroformum, 30 ; pulvis aromaticus, 126 ; spts. aetheris
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Passage durch den Dickdarm nicht weiter verandert. Der Ausfall
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to animal or vegetable fats or oils as a vehicle for
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difficult to determine whether a fibroid has a broad base or is pedun-
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stance, which may attain a thickness of from half an inch to an inch.
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meiden, ist es ratsam, dem Ather alkoholische Kalilauge
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wenn Zucker im Harn vorhanden ist, positiv wird. Weder Harn-
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Attention of the bladder and rectum. It is most probable that the
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transparent viscous fluid which sometimes collects in considerable
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in the vessels, partly to an abnormally slight amount of albomea ill |
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precipitated cupric hydroxide becomes blackish-brown on heating.
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count for this paleness and debility. The ph^'sician, after careful ex-
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mined. Experience teaches that even very severe structural
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brain induces the so-called " herdsymptome " (page 168); if the ane-
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nur mikroskopische Teilchen) griin. Dies beweist, dafi der Inhalt
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Erhitzen ist zu vermeiden). Entfarben durch langsames Zusetzen
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some cases in which the sputum examination is of the greatest
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wenn sie im Strahle ausfliefit, unterbrechen wir den Abflufi
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i^giof formication and numbness in certjiin Umbs, momentary loss of
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veuas are less so ; hence the entire amount of blood in the vessels (
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drange das Bauchfell nach vorne und unter demselben konnen
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Uses: For preparing cinchona elixirs with iron salts.
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to indulge their inclination to pass water, they suffer pain over the
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menaea, than a fully-developed girl of twelve or thirteen who menstru-
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QUASSIA. Wood of Picrasma excelsa, or of Qua-<iu
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2eugen kann, der Aktinomyces und schliefilich Scliimmelpilze, wie
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Too early menstruation — menstruatio prmcox — is not
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in the afore-mentioned manner, and to employ only the nucleus
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degree of the malady forms a connecting link with the form of disease
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of iodine, the red color of the glomeruli becomes so distinct even to the
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o£ the cTst wall are rarer and more difficult to recognize than inflamma-
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0.25 Gm. (4 grs.) rhubarb, in alkaline aromatic elixir;
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airest his sxiffering. All these s^inptonis, the jjaiuful micturition, the
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im Blute auf. Aufierdem sind die eosinophilen Zellen und die
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Jnfusum Digitalis, U. S. Dose: 8 Cc.. or 2 fluidrams.
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the general circulation too much blood. Under such circiunstances,