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we not nsually due to acumen of the observer, but are cases of lucky

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BiQgBliit oases these symptoms may get the upper band very quick-

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parts water. 32.5 parts alcohol, practically insoluble in

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the official 10 per cent, tincture ; there is no need of this

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soluble in carbon dioxide water ; insoluble in alcohol.

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borici, 166; ung. ziuci oxidi, 168; see Dusting Powders.

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This modification is Itess definite than the method previously

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soluble in 13 pa > alcohol, very soluble in ether, chloro-

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from that of a walnut to a child's head. The skin covering

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of the urine only some time after it has been passed. Thus urine

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that, in affections of the pancreas, a body appears in the urine

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tSten. Dies zeigt, dafi bei einem neugeborenen Kinde (zirka fUnf

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caustic soda, and by the addition of 2 gms. of bismuth subnitrate).

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manganate in 16 parts; the remaining salts are still

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acid staining (five to ten seconds), rinse with water and dry.

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ACNE : Sulphur. 147, 168 ; calx sulphurata, 25 liq., 81 ;

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beiderseits klar und grundlich freizulegen. Die Schwierigkeiten,

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2. Fluxionar)' hypenemia of the brain results from too slight roast*

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gous to that of the rectum already described in catarrhal rectitia,

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fonning in the urethra require poultices, and the prompt puno-

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given in the U. S. P. and the X. F. and as such implies

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cidents, such as headache and pain in the legs, but other dis-

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fektionskrankheit ist das Blutbild besonders charakteristisch ; zum

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irregular ulcerations, are f<jund upon the mucous membrane. Some-

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called upon to make further 8uggtstion8 for the benefit of dissolute

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are from time to time interrupted by conxnil&ive starts. If the re^«i»»

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IV. — Ciironic Brigbt's Dlsewe — Parcnchyratttous NophridSf ... 30

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in der Form und an der Peripherie der Niere unregelmafiig geformte

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Some years since, a farmer consulted me for his impotence. As he

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sauere oder amphotere Reaktion hat, werden auf den Siedepunkt

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oen^ and the symptoms are acwunted for. No elaborate tlemonstra-

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M. Fiant capsuljp No. xv. Sig. : One capsule at bed

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by comparative observation, the superiority of the abdominal

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The filtrate is mixed with '/ao to i/io vol. of concentrated

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under the official title in preference to the many trade-

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BLISTERS : To Heal, cerates, 28, 29 : cetacei ; plumbi sub-

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Hydrocephalio effusions are due jiartly to increased lateral pRSRBC

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Dose: 4 Cc., or 1 fluidrain, representing 0.12 Gm. (2

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im Blute verschiedene Formen. (Ohne Abbildungen ist es schwer,

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what com^e this advance takes. Atrophy of the optic nerrc vns <

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opposite part of the vagina is empty prevents our mistaking a flex(^^|

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aquae rosae. 166 ; lotio nigra and aqua calcis. of each equal

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pus-cells is eflnsed into the subarachnoid space ; in chronic meningitis

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renal capsule, ouglit, i>erhaps, to l>e recknncd in the same category.

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White, silky needh-s. soluble in 4o parts water, very

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Stick your tongue out ! — Move it to the left ! — Now to the right !

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Difficulties in the diagnosis of diphtheria may be caused by

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other hand, the amount of blood may bo diminished by its fonnatiu

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there wOl be hemiplegia, no matter where the Siiid disease be locatedl

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of • genetic connection between the injury and the growth. We must

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kernigen granulosen Leukozyten sind die von dieser Verminderung

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FnigbtB many unfortunates are arrested in the streets for being tlrunk,