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bakterien ihr Wachstum verhindert. Der im Sputum gelegentlich

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duced bv the mucus, but is owing to the presence in the urine of or-

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disturbance of fat digestion ; if uninfluenced, we have probably to

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* neoualjr or on being questioned, and it also seems as if the restless-

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for similar rods which appear in the oral cavity the sputum must

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Greatly its cauterization of the caput galinaginis, by means of

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acetic acid, or methylene blue, or in doubtful cases hardened, cut

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If the above symptoms be accompanied by vomiting, which cannot

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PUUI-URA : Calcii chloridum, 24 ; glandulse suprarenales sicca>.

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the sttite of nutrition by diniinishiog the consumption of mat<rial.

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clegeQeration. Moreover, the difference between the two conditions is

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Treatment.— ^Tlie possibility of dissolving large vesical calculi, by

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tej^tus ceUulosns sitbarachnmdealis contain a greater amount of r

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olistruction of numerous tubules by swollen and degenerated epithe-

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erally find the os so patulous that the point of the finger may be readily

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waters. See "Aquae Medicatae." They are readily solu-

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position. It may attack the lungs at any period, either early or late

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translucent nodules, £rom the size of a millet-seed to that of a pea, and

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round and separate ; as they grow they come in contact, and flatten

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ttlilicatcd with ulcers, particularly graiiuliitiiig uloore, local treat-

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there is a blacldsh-broivn, chocolate-like liquid, of an intensely ammo-

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If now I boiled the skin for a considerable time, or after

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ursi (inf.), 169; to acidify urine, acid, benzoic or boric, 2 ;

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Thread the needle, quick! — Silk! — Needle! — Two more sutures!

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ail be attributed to hypenemia. Many of them belong to the class of

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with the knife no blood flows. But you will observe, at the same

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tkn accompany them, the more a strengthening and stimulant treat-

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the luriatmta] position, we maj order irritating remedies both by iu-

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ANKSTHETICS : General, ather. 9; sethylis chloridum, 10;

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Mkd think that the " clap must be made to run " in order to relieve

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2, Pq,thologi(:al findings in acetic acid specimen.

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amounts can be easily recognized as light flakes with ragged edges,

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bowl which is filled with a mixture of a l°/o s'oltltion of sublimate

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Since it is not merely the presence of blood in the vessels of the

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Pilulfp Catharticse Compositae, U. S. Dose: 2 pills.

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most advanced posts of this malignant disease, and puts you,

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yellow caseous mass, or else breaks down, forming a renal abscess,

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where it is induced by tlie application of JunocTs cupping-boot, by the

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In a test tube half filled with urine, a little crystalized

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meter, and the approximate percent of sugar contents then read

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my clinic almost every half year. This interesting pa-

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maltose and cane sugar, but never dextrose and laevulose ; xerosis

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Der Harn wird mit zirka Vs Volumen 20°/oiger Bleizucker-

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sjinptoima due to general venous congestion, dependent on disease of

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